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Food and Beverage manager of the year 2016 & 2017 


graziano sem



Our restaurant is located on the first floor with immersive breathtaking views over the golf course.

There are plentiful opportunities to enjoy our cuisine from lunch to dinner at our restaurant or bar, both offering all-day prime service from first courses to snacks and salads as well as fresh seasonal products.

We offer our guests multiple menus, from the simplest and fastest to the most refined and artisan to the highest quality thanks to the use of first products choice.

We are also able to offer a takeaway service with packet lunches: a valid solution for those groups who want to enjoy their break without leaving the playing field.


To complete our offer, there are also various banqueting services: from the simplest and most elegant tasting of wines and local products, through an aperitif and ending with cocktails or pasta parties to combine with needs of all golf competitions.

Every moment of your day will be followed by our professional staff, who are always ready to satisfy your every request.

The restaurant is open daily for lunch & dinner.

See our menus.

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